Terry Mah

Advisor at Canadian Global Exploration Forum

Terry earned a BSc with Specialization in Geophysics from the University of Alberta in 1989 and for the next 16 years he worked primarily in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basins in technical Exploration and Development teams for Mobil Oil Canada, Crestar Energy, and Burlington Resources. By his sheer good fortune, in 2005 Terry’s focus switched about-face to International Exploration projects and in the 14 years since he has enjoyed working for and with companies such as Sherritt International, Talisman, Prospero Hydrocarbons, Brasoil do Brasil, UNX Energy, while focusing on exciting onshore and offshore projects in, Brazil, Colombia, UK North Sea, Spain, MENA, East and West Sub-Saharan Africa, and Alaskan North Slope.