Honourable Jason Kenney

Member of Legislature

Jason Kenney was sworn in as the Leader of the Official Opposition on January 29th, 2018. Jason committed himself to public life as President of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, where he fought hard for lower taxes and fiscal responsibility. In 1997, Calgary voters elected him to Parliament where he worked to unite conservatives nationally. Since then, he’s been voted the “best overall,” “hardest working,” and “most knowledgeable” MP by his colleagues. Jason was called “perhaps Canada’s best immigration minister ever” by the National Post, and also led Canada’s two largest ministries: Employment and Social Development, and National Defence. As Multiculturalism Minister, he made significant reforms to improve Canada’s immigration system, and engaged new Canadians in the political process. Jason left a successful career as a Calgary Member of Parliament to unite the Progressive Conservative and Wildrose parties into a single one: the United Conservatives.