Tim Hazlett


Tim Hazlett is the Director of Upstream Oil and Gas Services and Technologies within the Industry Development Branch of Alberta Economic Development and Trade. Tim provides sector leadership and expertise to help prepare Alberta oil and gas services and technologies companies overcome competitiveness challenges and champion international opportunities for growth. In this role, Tim applies 20+ years of ‘unique’ private and public upstream oil & gas service and technologies and exploration and production experience spanning five continents. Prior to this role, Tim was Managing Director of the Alberta Mexico Office, which is the Government of Alberta’s international trade office in Mexico City, where he represented the province of Alberta in Mexico and oversaw the management of all aspects of the province’s international activities in Mexico. Over Tim’s career with the Alberta Government, he has focused on upstream oil and gas services and technologies, and has traditionally led market development projects on behalf of the government, including previous responsibility for Mexico, South America, Asia Pacific, the US and multiple large technical subsector projects. In the private sector, Tim started working on drilling and service rigs at early in Alberta, and shortly after worked on offshore drilling and workover platforms. Early in Tim’s career, he provided ‘in market’ technical international representation services for Canadian and US exploration companies and several oil and gas service and technology firms internationally, with a specialization in Latin America. Tim holds a Master’s degree in International Policy Studies with Distinction from Monterrey Institute of International Studies in Monterrey, California, where his studies focused on the economics of state-owned oil and gas companies in Latin America. Tim is fluent in Spanish and holds a second Master’s degree from the University of Alberta also focused on Latin America.